For any kind of e-commerce business shipping is one of the most essential functions. You may end up spending a great amount of money if you do not know the effective packaging and shipping methods.

In case if your bulk custom boxes do not use enough packaging materials then the end customer may receive the product in damaged condition, which can seriously affect the business.

Also, if you use extra amount of packaging material to protect your goods then you need to unnecessarily pay an extra cost for it.

Following are few tips that can be very useful for anyone who is involved in e-commerce business activity.

  1. Understand the pricing methods

Shipping cost may vary from company to company. Few may charge based on the size and volume while few on the basis of weight only.

  1. Try to cut down on packaging

If you cut down the size of packaging then it can have major impact on the costing for shipping therefore it will make sense in including fewer amounts of packaging materials.

  • Use smallest box

After many years of working in shipping various kinds of products, people have realized that if smallest possible box is selected for any product then you can do maximum saving on the shipping cost.

  • Avoid loose fill

If you try to fill any small item with too much packaging then at the customer end it can totally mess up. Also, it is a waste of resource.

  • Select versatile materials

It will certainly be beneficial if you invest on packaging material which are customized as per the shipment and does not need a lot of space. Many other new products are appearing in the market.

  • Limit the quantity of different materials

Nowadays e-commerce businesses are dealing with several kinds of products however if you limit them within few packaging items then you can do saving on cost.

  • Have certain system for packaging

You must develop a certain system of packaging particularly for those items which are regularly shipped.

  • Maintain few standard box sizes

Like packaging materials, you can also limit your box sizes within few numbers of standard sizes which can provide savings on the cost of the box.

  • Compare rates

It is always important to negotiate the rates by comparing the rates of different shipping companies

  • Explore new solutions

Lastly, you must continue to explore certain new methods to reduce the shipping cost.