Finance is a huge niche in itself, and by talking of the websites for this niche, we are essentially including everything – bank websites, financial advisor sites, informative blogs, fintech portals, comparison sites and so on. All of these sub-segments have one thing in common – an informative platform. Any visitor who is visiting a financial website expects to get quality content, and therefore, designing such websites is always a challenge, because the overall design has to be effective but shouldn’t take away attention from the content.

In this simple post, we are sharing 7 tips to develop and design finance websites. If you don’t want to rely on a web developer, you can choose a website builder, and there are many platforms that have detailed website builder reviews for help. Let’s get started!

  • Focus on minimal effects. Web design for finance and fintech businesses and blogs has to be more about minimalism. Keep in mind that you want the readers to focus on the actual information, no matter whether that’s content or something you want to sell.
  • Use the right font. Make sure that the font for your website is consistent, simple and readable. Consistency, in fact, is one of the important aspects in many ways, because the font can set the tone of the website.
  • Keep the background light. Using images for background is a common practice in web design, but for finance websites in particular, you may want to stick to a lighter color. Make sure that the overall view of the website is not adversely effective by the background.
  • Navigation is key. More often than not, website owners forget that navigation and use of cards are important for making a portal interactive. You want to make sure that the website doesn’t look boring, which often happens with finance sites because of content-based design.

  • Add videos and infographics. Text contents often make more sense when you add videos and infographics. This is a great way to actually promote a website’s content and add more dynamic elements to the design.
  • Check the trends, but don’t follow blindly. For instance, parallax scrolling designs are quite in vogue at the moment, and while the idea is interesting, it may not work for a lot of finance websites.
  • Animation and effects may help. If the website focuses on text-based contents alone, it is best to use animation to add more fun. A bit of extra design doesn’t hurt, as long as the purpose of the portal remains in place.

Review a few well-rated finance websites to understand these pointers better!